How Do You Want to Feel Today?

Kunsthalle Münster: Stadthausgalerie
Performerx: Luisa Kömm, Carla Wyrsch, Paul Samrotzki, Marie Heleen Samrotzki
Live Sound: Christopher Bohlen
40 min
Teaser 04:44 min
Documentation video 32:10 min

Body, text, sound and lights merge into a composition of trance, acoustic collapse and the sound of the sea. Movements singled out of individual work routines, „healing“ and consuption are repeated by the performers refering to machine-like „non player character (NPC)“ movements in digital games. The script is partly spoken live by two performers, partly the text is spoken by a female or a KI voice running over the speakers. Sound artist Christopher Bohlen transits the scenes with noise, drones and patterns of sound samples; like the see, helicopters or deformated beats.

Developed and staged live at Kunsthalle Münster: Stadthausgalerie 14.10.23, 17:00 and 08.11.23, 18:00

Camera: Sarah Kramer