Do Not Dance

Performance Film, Music Video
07:17 min

“What threatens us is not only that the machines are taking over, but also that we are becoming like machines.” (Silvia Federici, 2020.)

„The track by Choko and Acid Patch inspired us to visualise a feeling that we know only too well but can hardly put into words. Far away from existing images and stories of dreary grey working worlds and criticism of capitalism, we want to portray a different picture, of protagonists who continue to move on, accompanied by Hard Tek from the underground techno scene. We open up the contrast between clean atmosphere and dirty sound, between control and being controlled, between struggle and resignation.“ (Directors‘ comment)

Concept and idea: Sarah Kramer, Julian Quentin, Marie Heleen Samrotzki
Directors: Julian Quentin, Marie Heleen Samrotzki
Director of photography: Sarah Kramer
Performerx: Mila Stoytcheva, Philip Esch, Luisa Kömm, Lotta Loos, Jeannette Petrik, Paul Samrotzki, Carla Wyrsch
Choreography: Marie Heleen Samrotzki
Music: Acidpatch vs Choko

Production manager: Ana Gutierrez
1st assistant director: Yonca Sicimoglu, Emma Externdrink
Unit manager (set AL): Carla Gesthuisen, Pelagia Gadallah
1st assistant camera: Chris Todd
2nd assistant camera: Anja Korman
Gaffer: Yakob el Deep, Mattis Schulte
Assistant of lighning: Maja Pilati, Alexandros Murböck
Grip: Alexandros Murböck
Set designer: Usiha Yang
Costume designer & Make Up: Ekaterina Reinbold
Catering: Assaf Eldar
Technical support: Sepp Liebisch

Edited by Sarah Kramer, Julian Quentin, Marie Heleen Samrotzki
Consultant: Oliver Schwabe
Colorist: Ewald Henzte
Sound editor: Ralf Schipke