10 More Rounds

Performerx: Luisa Kömm, Carla Wyrsch, Lotta Loos, Paul Samrotzki, Marie Heleen Samrotzki
Direction and concept: Marie Heleen Samrotzki
60:00 min
Teaser 01:19 min

Five scenes and five rooms. Five coping strategies.
In mental absence, five bodies are physically present. Tristesse and self-optimisation come together spatially in one time.
The performance was developed for Museum Kurhaus Kleve as part of the exhibition Hausputz! exploring failure and the possibility of collective resistance. Social discourses on the topic of vulnerability are addressed in different, yet architecturally connected spaces.

Developed and staged live at Museum Kurhaus Kleve 10.09.2023 and 24.09.2023, 14:00.

Camera: Sarah Kramer